Gewürztraminer - "The Little Spicy One"

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Texan pronunciation: (Guh-voorts-truh-meener).

The German name Gewürztraminer literally means "Spice Traminer", of the ancient Traminer variety. We call it "The Little Spicy One" because in German, "Gewürz" means "herb" or "spice".

This beautiful wine tends to be known for it's striking aromatics and lower acidity. When enjoying a Gewürztraminer you’ll find fruit flavors of berries and citrus with many complex aromatics including Ruby Red grapefruit, rose petal, ginger and even a slight a smoky aroma. Best served cold with a white meat such as Chicken, Pork, Shrimp and Crab. 

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Wine AVA SKU Price
Gewürztraminer, Dry White Texas High Plains 200122 $82.00/case
Pink Gewurztraminer, Semi Sweet Texas High Plains 191205 $82.00/case
Pink Gewurztraminer, Carbonated Texas High Plains 190731 $88.00/case
Gewürztraminer Wine Shiners

As with all of our shiners and contract bottling, COLA must be submitted by TCWW for a one time fee of $120.00 per application. Shiners are available for permitted wineries only and sold First Come, First ServedFind more information and a full list of available shiners.

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